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Our Services

  • Preventive care

    (physicals, wellness screens, sports physicals, biometrics):  We need to take care of our bodies and give it what it needs.  Preserving our bodies is far better than “fixing” what is broken.  Just like when you purchase a new car, and then get into an accident, even minor.  The car never quite runs like it did before.  By creating a health plan and keeping track of you, prevention of disease keeps your body running effectively.

  • Participating provider of Blue Cross Blue Shield

    Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH):  Personal nurse coaches and educators ready to help manage chronic disease

  • Phlebotomy Services

    drawn in the office and sent out, for convenience

  • Medicare annual wellness screens

    an individualized health plan and tracker for preventative tests according to Medicare guidelines.

  • Weight loss

    How often have you wondered how your friend sees results from exercise and you don’t?  How you both can eat the same things and she lost 5 lbs and you lost 1 lb?  We are all unique individuals with a genetic make-up that dictates how we metabolize food and burn energy (exercise).  We are all different, so one size does not fit all.  Find out more about how your specific genetic make-up will unlock the answers you need to reach your goals!

  • Management of chronic disease

    (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid, etc):  Not every chronic disease needs medication, if you have had a provider tell you that you need medicine forever, it is not true!  We can work together towards your goals.

  • Management of acute illness

    (sinus infections, joint pain, migraine, etc):  Using evidence-based allopathic treatment options, as well as complementary medicine options.

  • Psychiatric acute and chronic illness

    (anxiety, depression, etc):  A death, divorce, job related stress, care giver stress, and so much more can interrupt our lives and cause anxiety and depression.  Consider utilizing us in primary care rather than psychiatric services, which can often take several weeks to get an appointment.  Same day appointments with us is often available.

  • Immunizations

    We keep many immunizations in the office, but can facilitate whatever you need, whether it be for work, for school, or for travel.

  • EKG

    Electrocardiograms can be done in the office for Pre-Operative Physicals, or for routine follow-up, or for chest pain or other cardiac complaints.

  • Spirometry

    Can measure pulmonary (lung) function and lung capacity, which can help manage asthma, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD)

  • Personalized medicine

    we test your individual genes that helps us understand the best treatment options available.  If you have tried a variety of medications and have not had positive results, consider how your own genetic make-up might be hindering the effectiveness of commonly prescribed medications.

  • Department of Transportation Physicals (DOT)

    As a certified medical examiner, you can renew your DOT driver’s license with us.

  • Online video visits

    are currently available to all Blue Cross Blue Shield members.  As other insurers make changes, we will also upgrade services to include other types of insurance.

  • Gynecologic Well Woman exams

    birth control counseling, and STD testing:  pap smear, clinical breast exam, pregnancy testing, ordering the mammogram or bone density screens

  • Men’s Health exams

    including blood tests for Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), as well as testicular and prostate exam, treatment for low testosterone, and erectile dysfunction.

  • Same day appointments for sick or well visits

    rapid strep testing, urinalysis, and other testing measures.

Can a Nurse Practitioner be my Primary Care Provider (PCP)?


The state of Maryland has given Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners (CRNP) the ability to practice independently of physician oversight.  The state has recognized what studies have already shown, that CRNPs are able to give as good or better care that is given by physicians in the primary care setting.  We are able to assess, evaluate, and diagnose disease, write prescriptions, interpret labs and other tests, perform outpatient procedures according to training, and refer to therapies and specialists.  When problems become complicated, we refer to the proper medical specialists for further care, just as any General Practitioner would. We listen to your concerns and treat you individually.
Learn more about who Nurse Practitioners are.

Insurances Accepted:  Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield (all HMO & PPO), CIGNA (all HMO & PPO), United Healthcare (all HMO & PPO); we offer self-pay discounts.

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